Trusted Truck and Trailer Repair in Salt Lake, Utah

Top Quality Truck Trailer & Auto Repair in Salt Lake City, Utah, offers a variety of preventive maintenance services and diagnostic services. Our team of experts will solve your preventive maintenance issues.
Your mechanical component in your vehicle will eventually fail. Let our dedicated mechanics provide the vehicle and trailer repair services you need to get you back on the road.
Are stranded on the side of the road? Give us a call 385-259-0975. Let our mobile team come to your location and provide mobile repairs. If we are unable to repair the problem on-site,we will provide free automotive towing to our shop is available.

Our Story

For over 60 years, Top Quality Truck Trailer & Auto Repairs has been your local, trusted repair shop in Salt Lake City, Utah. We repair semis, box trucks, trailers, passenger vehicles, and light trucks. We strive to provide the best customer satisfaction with our one-on-one service, and access to the owner if you need it. Our knowledgeable mechanics are here to provide expert service and repairs for your vehicle. We use high-quality parts, installed by trained, experience mechanics and trailer experts to ensure the highest quality service for every vehicle we touch.